1. Administration

    Visit our administrative services page and find information pertaining to the city manager and city clerk.

    1. Deputy City Manager

      As Deputy City Manager, I oversee and coordinate inter-departmental operations and all activities related to Building Maintenance, Purchasing, Information Technology, Utilities, Risk Management and the Clerk’s Office.

  2. Assessing

    The Assessor's Office has the responsibility of appraising all real and personal property located within the city of Bay City.

    1. Assessment Appeals Process

      Proposal A has not changed the right of taxpayers to appeal their assessments.

    2. Buying a New Home

      In 1994, the voters of Michigan passed a referendum commonly known as Proposal A.

    3. Forms

      Access forms from the Assessing Department to view and/or print.

    4. Home Improvements

      One of the single greatest fears homeowners have when considering home improvements is how much the improvements made will directly affect their assessment, and thereby their taxes.

    5. Property Assessment

      As a taxpayer in the City of Bay City, you are concerned about paying only your fair share of taxes for services received.

    6. Receiving a Reduction

      You may receive a reduction in your assessment if it meets certain criteria.

    7. Property Search

      Property Search

  3. Clerk

    The Bay City Clerk is the ex-officio clerk of the City Commission who maintains a complete record of the proceedings of the commission.

    1. License Applications and Clerk Forms

      View clerk forms and licensing applications.

    2. Elections

      Learn about upcoming elections, polling locations, absentee ballots and more.

    3. Michigan Voter Information

      As you may know, the Michigan Voter Information Center (MVIC) is now mobile.

    4. Passport Information

      The Bay City Clerk's Office is a passport processing agent and is authorized to accept passport applications.

    5. Schedules

      Find out when upcoming elections are.

  4. Community Development

    The primary aim of the City of Bay City Planning and Zoning Department is to maintain the long-term sustainability of our community, economy and environment with prompt, professional service and a philosophy that inspires creative solutions.

    1. Building & Code Enforcement

      Learn about the responsibilities of the building code enforcement section.

    2. Economic Development

      We provide development assistance to developers, businesses, and neighborhoods in Bay City.

    3. Grant Administration

      Responsible for the administration of the City's Community Development Block Grant, HOME Grant, and other City grant proposals.

    4. Planning & Zoning

      The primary aim of the City of Bay City Planning and Zoning Department is to maintain the long-term sustainability of our community, economy and environment with prompt, professional service and a philosophy that inspires creative solutions.

    5. Housing Strategies

      The City of Bay City is working diligently across departments to identify effective and efficient means to improve housing values and property conditions across our community. Beginning with the receipt and presentation of a comprehensive housing study in August 2016, the City has examined and analyzed relevant data and case studies to learn about potential actions and outcomes. This comprehensive housing improvement strategy continues to be developed and refined, with an expected implementation timeframe of 15 or more years.

  5. Electric

    Bay City Electric Light and Power (BCELP) strives to offer value to our customers by providing economical and reliable service.

    1. Budget Bill Planning

      While personal income does not vary much from season to season for most of our customers, utility costs do.

    2. Commercial Service

      Though small in number, our commercial customers make up a large portion of our kWh and energy usage.

    3. Energy Smart Program

      Bay City Electric Light and Power, with our Energy Smart Program, is dedicated to a portfolio of energy efficient programs designed to assist Residents and Businesses in reducing their energy usage.

    4. History

      Our utility began in 1868 as the Bay City Gas Light Company.

    5. Online Bill Paying

      Make online payments toward your utility bills.

    6. Rates

      This section provides a more detailed list of our rates for all of our customer types.

    7. Residential Service

      With almost 18,000 homes served by Bay City Electric, our residential customers are extremely important to us.

    8. Vegetation Management

      Selecting a tree to plant is not a decision to be taken lightly, and is especially important around utility lines.

  6. Fiscal Services

    The purpose of the Accounting Department is to accurately present, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, the results of the City of Bay City's financial operations and conditions in a timely manner to all interested parties.

    1. Financial Reports

      Access various financial documents from Bay City such as adopted budgets, comprehensive annual financing reports, and more.

  7. Human Resources

    Learn more about the principle duties of the Human Resources Department.

  8. Public Safety

    The Bay City DPS was created in 2013 and is a fully consolidated Department of Public Safety providing 24-hour law enforcement, fire and emergency medical service.

    1. Community Officers Patrolling Streets (COPS)

      The Bay City Department of Public Safety implemented the Community Officers Patrolling Streets (COPS) program in September of 1990.

    2. Department Information

      See details about the Public Safety Department such as reports, FAQs and more.

    3. Fire/EMS

      The function of the Bay City Fire Operations Division is to protect lives and property within the city from fires, natural or man-made disasters, medical emergencies, and entrapments.

    4. Patrol

      In the Patrol Operations Division, focus is on the protection of life, property and enforcing the law in a fair and impartial manner.

    5. Support

      The Support Operations Division consists of Public Saftey Officers who are cross-trained employees, and acts as the Detective Bureau.

  9. Public Works

    The Public Works Department strives to offer value to our customers by providing the highest quality service from all of our individual departments.

    1. Advanced Metering Infrastructure

      Through the collaboration of the Water, Electric, and Customer Service Departments, the City of Bay City is in progress of implementing a customer-wide meter upgrade.

    2. Airport

      Parks, Buildings and Grounds Division staff oversees the maintenance, management and operation of James Clements Airport, a Class "B" General Aviation Airport, in compliance with State and Federal aviation laws, procedures and guidelines.

    3. Bridge Division

      Bay City is home to four bascule draw bridges that are manned 24 hours a day during the shipping season, which runs from April 1st through December 31st.

    4. Cemetery

      Parks, Buildings, and Grounds Division staff oversee the maintenance, management and operation of the 42-acre Oak Ridge Cemetery.

    5. Engineering

      The City of Bay City Engineering Services (formerly known as the Engineering Department, Construction Engineering) provides support to contractors, utilities, other units of governments, developers and residents for their development projects.

    6. Fleet

      The City of Bay City Fleet Department consists of more than 200 vehicles throughout various departments, including Sanitation, Streets, Sewer, Parks, Water, Police and Fire.

    7. Marina

      Parks, Buildings and Grounds Division staff oversee the maintenance, management and operation of the 100-slip Liberty Harbor Marina.

    8. Parks

    9. Sanitation

      The City of Bay City Sanitation Department provides weekly trash, recycling, yard waste and brush collection for city residents and businesses, totaling nearly 15,000 weekly stops.

    10. Sewer Maintenance

      The Sewer Department is responsible for maintaining approximately 350 miles of sanitary, storm, combined and 6600 catch basins.

    11. Streets

      The City of Bay City Street Department is responsible for maintaining about 450 lane miles of roadway within the city limits, equaling about the same distance from Bay City to Sault Ste. Marie and back.

    12. Water Distribution/Metering

      Water Distribution/Metering is the system of piping that delivers clean water from the Water Plant to homes and businesses. This department is also in charge metering water usage.

  10. Purchasing

    The Purchasing Department is responsible for providing the City of Bay City with proper unbiased procurement policies and procedures.

    1. Bid Tabulations

      Review bid tabulation document from the Purchasing Department.

    2. Purchasing Forms

      See a listing of forms from the Purchasing Department.

    3. Purchasing Guidelines

      The Purchasing Agent must authorize the purchase of materials, supplies and services for and on behalf of the city.

    4. Purchasing Policy

      The City of Bay City believes that its purchasing policies should encourage local vendors to provide goods and/or services to Bay City government, resulting in increased economic activity through more local jobs, tax revenues, and expenditures, and to entice businesses to relocate to the City.

    5. Requests for Bids

      The City of Bay City has absolutely reserved the right and prerogative to reject any or all bids as well as to waive any irregularities and informalities.

  11. Treasurer

    The Bay City Treasurer collects, receipts and deposits all City of Bay City revenue.

    1. Forms, Schedules & Information

      Read about the Principal Residence Exemption and more.

    2. Methods of Payment

      Find out the different ways you can make payments to the Treasurer's Office.

    3. Principal Residence Exemption

      This exemption is for homeowners that occupy their home.

    4. Property Taxes, Utilities & Parking Tickets

      Among the many payments accepted by the City of Bay City Treasurer are those for property taxes, utilities and parking tickets.

  12. Utility Customer Service

    Utility Customer Service administers the City of Bay City's utility billing system, including meter reading, electric billing, water/sewer billing, and credit and collections.

    1. Utility Customer Service Forms

      View various utility forms and other information.

    2. Establishing Utility Service

    3. Utility Assistance

      Find out what resources are available to assist you with your utilities.

    4. Utility Bill Payments

    5. Utility Liens & Budget Bills

      The Accounts Receivable Department handles customer records, billing, collections and checks for outstanding utility liens for water, sewer, electric utilities and refuse bills.

    6. Utility Rates

      The current rate for electric, water and sewer.

  13. Wastewater

    The Bay City Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was initially built in 1952 with major modifications and additions constructed in 1969, 1977, 2003, and 2014.