City Manager

About the City Manager

City Manager Richard M. Finn was hired by the Bay City Commission in March 2014.  Rick has served as City Manager in numerous cities before joining the staff in Bay City.  Rick has been officially recognized as an Accredited City Manager by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).

Mr. Finn was born and raised in Tonawanda, New York and went to Northern Illinois University where he received a Master in Public Management. 

As a member of ICMA Mr. Finn subscribes to and is a strong supporter of the ICMA Code of Ethics.  Together with his management team all Department Heads participate in monthly ethics training and all members of the management team have executed an official commitment to comply with all tenants of the ICMA Code of Ethics.  Rick strongly advocates his management team to participate in various civic groups and is an active Rotarian.

Since beginning work in Bay City he has been working towards the implementation of a Comprehensive Housing Strategy.  This Housing Initiative is designed to significantly improve housing conditions in the City; targeting areas to eliminate blight and to enhance the physical conditions of the City. 

Rick is also actively working to build an organization that is committed to the highest level of Customer Service.  

Richard Finn