Our staff has direct access and in-depth understanding of incentives and we work closely with the state of Michigan to package incentive proposals targeted to the needs of individual businesses.

View available options and then contact us to discuss which programs may be available and appropriate for your business or project.
  1. Brownfield Redevelopment Act

    Michigan's Brownfield law is designed to encourage and assist developers who want to return property to productive use more quickly and at a lower cost than before, while still protecting human health and natural resources.

  2. Community Revitalization Program (CRP)

    The Michigan Community Revitalization Program (CRProgram) is a new incentive program available from the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF),

  3. Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption

    Find more information on the industrial facilities tax exemption.

  4. Industrial Processing Tax Exemption

    Energy, such as natural gas, electricity, and propane, used directly in the manufacturing process is exempt from sales tax.

  5. Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act Tax Exemption

    View information on this exemption.

  6. Pollution Control Tax Exemption

    Air and industrial water pollution control facilities are exempt from sales, use, and property taxes in Michigan. "Facility" means any machinery, equipment, structure, any part, or accessory used for the primary purpose of controlling or disposing air or industrial water pollution.