Community Development

  1. Building & Code Enforcement

    Learn about the responsibilities of the building code enforcement section.

  2. Economic Development

    We provide development assistance to developers, businesses, and neighborhoods in Bay City.

  3. Grant Administration

    Responsible for the administration of the City's Community Development Block Grant, HOME Grant, and other City grant proposals.

  4. Planning & Zoning

    The primary aim of the City of Bay City Planning and Zoning Department is to maintain the long-term sustainability of our community, economy and environment with prompt, professional service and a philosophy that inspires creative solutions.

  5. Housing Strategies

    The City of Bay City is working diligently across departments to identify effective and efficient means to improve housing values and property conditions across our community. Beginning with the receipt and presentation of a comprehensive housing study in August 2016, the City has examined and analyzed relevant data and case studies to learn about potential actions and outcomes. This comprehensive housing improvement strategy continues to be developed and refined, with an expected implementation timeframe of 15 or more years.