Crime Prevention

We value all that our citizens do to help us maintain law and order. The Bay City Public Safety Department Crime Prevention Team has gathered valuable tips and, in an effort to better serve our community, we have developed an online notification system for Special Requests which will greatly improve our communication with you.
Police Knocking On a Door
  1. Burglary Prevention

    Protecting your home is as easy as securing doors, windows and locks.

  2. Fraudulent Schemes

    This type of crime is on the increase due to the ease with which funds can be transferred via paper or electronic documents.

  3. Identity Theft

    Many of the offenders committing identity theft and forgery are drug abusers.

  4. Protecting Personal Information

    Your greatest asset for securing your good name is understanding where the thieves get your information.

  5. Protecting Your Business

    Identity theft related crimes have been identified as the fastest growing crime trend in America today.

  6. Robbery Prevention

    Keep your eyes and ears open. Being alert to possible threat is the best way to keep safe.

  7. Traveling Safely

    At home or away, staying alert can save the day!

  8. Vacation Checklist

    If you are going on vacation - help burglars take one, too!