The Assessor's Office has the responsibility of appraising all real and personal property located within the city of Bay City. The department conducts the March Board of Review for the purpose of allowing the taxpayers of Bay City to protest the coming year's proposed assessments. The office is responsible for land splits and combinations, property transfer affidavits, homestead exemption affidavits, and name and mailing address changes. The Assessor's Office provides information for the public by maintaining subdivision plat maps and property record cards for each parcel of land. The department reviews and updates records yearly to reflect changes that occur to the individual properties. For information on protesting assessed values, principal residence or poverty exemptions, contact the assessor.

As a taxpayer in the city of Bay City, you are concerned about paying only your fair share of taxes for services provided and received. We understand and appreciate your concerns. We are available to assist you with your property tax questions during business hours, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Contact us if you need assistance or have questions about your property tax assessment.

Home Improvements

One of the single greatest fears homeowners have when considering home improvements is how much the improvements made will directly…

Buying a New Home

The most common question of the Assessor's Office since the passage of Proposal A in 1994 is: "What will the…

Receiving a Reduction

You MAY receive a reduction in your assessment if: 1. Your house purchased recently, through a realtor on the open…

Assessment Appeals Process

Proposal A has not changed the right of taxpayers to appeal their assessments. The first level of appeal is to…

Property Assessment

As a taxpayer in the City of Bay City, you are concerned about paying only your fair share of taxes…

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