The Purchasing Department is responsible for providing the City of Bay City with proper unbiased procurement policies and procedures. The department manages the purchase of all goods and services required through Requests for Proposals, Sealed Bids, and written and verbal quotations that are within the terms, conditions and economics favorable to the City of Bay City.


  • Develops/reviews/solicits bids for various city departments
  • Conducts pre-bid and pre-construction meetings to assist contractors/vendors with questions on specifications/bid processes/ and prevailing wage requirements
  • Tracks open contracts and PSAs for various departments including verification of correct pricing, avoidance of overruns and expiration issues, and all payments that are to be applied
  • Issues/reviews/verifies compliance of purchase orders annually, including verification of goods received and invoice pricing
  • Oversees the city's credit card program including ordering, cancellation and distribution of credit cards with appropriate limits; review of all statements for compliance; and handling of theft and fraud issues
  • Bidding/verification/processing/distribution of citywide printing requirements, including letterhead, envelopes, business cards and miscellaneous stationery