Street Department Helpful Hints

Street Sweeping

  • Do not mow grass and/or rake leaves into city streets.
  • Please keep storm drain basins clear of debris.

Snow & Ice Removal

Street Parking

Please refrain from parking on city streets whenever snowfall conditions require that residential streets be plowed. Parked cars can cause delays in plowing "your" street.

Sidewalk Snow

Property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice within 24 hours after a snowfall. Please do not deposit snow upon any public property, including streets.


Due to snowplowing, a residual amount of snow will be deposited into every driveway and onto sidewalks. This may occur repeatedly throughout the day depending on the severity of the storm.

Shoveling Snow

Do not deposit snow upon any public property, including streets and sidewalks. Instead, shovel or blow the snow back behind the curb.

The city recommends shoveling or blowing the snow back behind the curbing or asphalt and away from the driveway entrance. This helps prevent excessive snow buildup.

The city encourages area residents to help clear snow from hydrants within their neighborhood.