Street Maintenance

City of Bay City crews are routinely assigned street maintenance duties filling potholes, pavement repairs, crack sealing and more. To report street pavement concerns, potholes or other hazardous street pavement conditions, contact us at 989-894-8312 or email.

Street Maintenance

The City of Bay City Street Department is responsible for maintaining about 450 lane miles of roadway within the city limits, equaling about the same distance from Bay City to Sault St. Marie and back.
Street Repair
The department handles a wide variety of tasks, including crack sealing, spray patching, cold patching, chip sealing, large pavement repairs and road reconstruction, utility cuts, street sweeping, snow and ice removal, traffic signs (informational and regulatory), pavement markings and striping, temporary sidewalk repairs (trip hazards reported through Construction Services) and traffic control (barricades/detours).

Curbs & Sidewalks

Questions, complaints and concerns related to street curbs, sidewalks and drive approaches should be addressed to Construction Services at 989-894-8181.

Traffic Signals

The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 43 signalized traffic controls under the jurisdiction of the City of Bay City. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) owns and maintains 33 signals within the city limits located along state highways, M-13, M-15, M-25 and M-84.

On February 1, 2010, the Bay City Commission approved the purchase of LED traffic signal lamps. By March 2010, installation of the LEDs was completed throughout the city.

The city is expected to realize approximately 80-95% energy savings, or $20,000 annually, along with a reduction in maintenance costs. The return on investment of the LED lamps is estimated at four to five years when considering energy and maintenance savings. LEDs have an average life of eight to 10 years compared to one to two years for incandescent bulbs.

If you have questions or concerns about traffic or pedestrian signals, contact the Street Department at 989-894-8312 or email.

Road Signs

The City of Bay City Street Department is responsible for maintaining all street signs within the city limits. There are close to 12,000 signs located within the city, ranging from regulatory signage to informational. As needed, they also provide temporary traffic control, such as special events or construction work zones.

If you have questions or concerns about city signage, contact the Street Department at 989-894-8312 or after hours at 989-894-8316.