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Recycling in Bay City

Who Can Recycle?
  • Curbside recycling collection is available to all utility customers in the City of Bay City.
What Can Be Recycled?
  • Items such as glass food/beverage bottles and jars; plastic bottles and containers; steel and aluminum cans; paper drink cartons; cardboard and boxboard; newspaper, magazines, junk mail and more. Check out the recycling guidelines for more information.
How Do I Recycle?
  • Place all acceptable recyclable items into a single recycling container and set out each week on your regular collection day. 
  • 18-gallon recycling bins are available from the Sanitation Department at City Hall, 301 Washington Ave, Suite 413. 
  • For additional recycling bins, new online payments now available here!
What Happens to the Recyclables after they are Collected?
  • The recyclables collected from Bay City are delivered to a transfer station in Saginaw where they are combined with recyclables from other communities. From there, they are sent to a Republic Services Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Southfield and/or New Boston. At the MRF, the recyclables are sorted and separated into different material types, baled and shipped to a variety of places within Michigan, the U.S., North America and abroad to be made back into new products. 
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