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Bulk Items

Residents can place ONE bulk item or two kitchen-size (13gal) trash bags on the curb to be picked up on their regular trash day.

Please remember that building materials, automotive parts, appliances, scattered refuse, and hazardous materials are not picked up at curbside.

Carpet must be rolled, taped, or tied, and cut up into 3 ft. long sections that are no larger than 8 inches in diameter. Limit 2

If you have more than one item and can’t wait for the next week – you can make an appointment to take the items to our Bay City Recycles Drop-Off Center. Visit our Trash page for more detailed information.

Thank you for helping keep our community clean!


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Recycling Cart

Recycling in Bay City

Who Can Recycle?

What Can Be Recycled? 

  • Items such as glass food/beverage bottles and jars; plastic bottles and containers; steel and aluminum cans; paper drink cartons; cardboard and boxboard; newspaper, magazines, junk mail and more. Check out the recycling guidelines for more information.

How Do I Recycle? 

  • The City dropped off 96-gallon recycling carts to all residents in December 2022. Set out your recycling by following the bi-weekly recycling pickup schedule. 
  • 18-gallon city recycling bins and any non-issued, personal recycling bins will no longer be collected curbside from residential or commercial properties. Recycling must be in 96-gallon recycling carts.
  • Request additional recycling carts for an additional monthly fee by selecting the following link!

Find out more detailed information about your recycling cart:

What Happens to the Recyclables after they are Collected?

  • The recyclables collected from Bay City are delivered to a transfer station in Saginaw, where they are combined with recyclables from other communities. From there, they are sent to a Republic Services Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Southfield and/or New Boston. At the MRF, the recyclables are sorted and separated into different material types, baled, and shipped to various places within Michigan, the U.S., North America, and abroad to be made back into new products. 


This flier provides information about a new pilot program open to City of Bay City residents.  This program is being run by Iris Waste Diversion Specialists in partnership with the City of Bay City Recycles.  For questions regarding this program, please contact Iris Waste Diversion Specialists directly at [email protected] or 855-2GO-ZERO (855-246-9376).

Visit the Iris Waste Diversion Specialists website at

Bay City Food Scrap Pilot Info Flyer UPDATED_00_00

Bay City Food Scrap Pilot Info Flyer UPDATED_01_00