Trash Collection

 Guidelines for trash collection in the City of Bay City are as follows:

  1. Trash shall be placed at curbside no sooner than 7:00 p.m. the day before regular pickup and no later than 7:00 a.m. the day of regular pickup. Empty containers shall be removed from curb before 7:00 a.m. following the day of collection and stored out of public view.
  2. City crews will not repeat routes for trash placed out late. Hold until the following week. Please call within 24 hours for missed stops. A container that is confirmed as missed during collection or only partially emptied is eligible for a call back for service provided the city is notified by noon of the next business day.
  3. City-provided wheeled 96-gallon trash containers shall be placed away from obstacles such as trees, poles, fire hydrants, and parked cars, and spaced at least three feet apart from other containers.  The handles of the city-provided trash container must face the house for automated pickup. Lids must shut all the way. Please see below for more placement tips.
  4. City trash crews will not pick up building, remodeling, or demolition material. No contractor debris will be collected. No appliances, tires, automotive parts, scattered refuse, or hazardous materials will be collected. No yard waste shall be placed in city trash carts. Please bag all trash. Do not use cardboard boxes for trash. 
  5. Collections will not be made on the legal holidays of New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. When a holiday occurs on a weekday, pickup for the remaining days will be one day late. Friday's collection will be made on Saturday. For holidays that are not listed, collection will remain on schedule. 
  6. Additional City trash containers are available upon request; a monthly fee per container will be assessed. For an additional trash cart, click here.
  7. Per City Ordinance, all trash is to be contained within a City trash cart. Unapproved or personal containers used for trash will not be emptied. 
  8. Residents can place ONE bulk item or two kitchen-size (13gal) trash bags on the curb to be picked up on their regular trash day. Move-out/Clean-out items can be placed out for collection on your normal collection day for an additional fee. See below for more information regarding bulk items, overflow trash, and move-outs.
  9. Nuisance fees will be assessed to the property if trash is placed out in excess, early, unsightly, and/or not bagged properly.
 Fees can be found in the City's License and Fee Schedule.  


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Location, location, location! 

No, we are not buying a house, but we do have a few placement tips to help ensure the safe collection of your garbage, recyclables and yard waste. Placement of curbside trash collection is easy, but also very important to ensure your waste, recycling and yard waste are collected. Staff doesn’t want to miss any of your items, so staff wants to ask that you follow these simple guidelines and help do your part!
Trash Cart Spacing

Collection Process

  • Staff uses large trucks with an automated arm to collect the trash carts from the curb.

Cart Direction

  • Make sure your cart is facing the right way 
  • The lid should open towards the street
  • Do not place it sideways or backwards; as this will prevent damage to the lid/cart 

Cart Placement

  • Make sure your cart is facing the right way 
  • The lid should open towards the street 
  • Do not place it sideways or backwards; as this will prevent damage to the lid/cart and help avoid debris from falling outside the truck 

Cart Spacing 

  • A minimum of 3 ft. is required between each item set out for collection (Cart, recycling, yard waste)

Cart Placement | Common Hazards 

  • Always leave a minimum of 3 ft. between carts and other objects  
  • Utility poles | Street Signs | Trees | other collection containers 
  • Vehicles are the biggest hazard staff faces. Please leave space for staff to work safely and remove cars from the street if possible (Please do not block yours or your neighbor's trash cart) 
  • Help ensure that your containers are visible, keep all items close to the curb & spaced properly
Bulk Items, Overflow Trash & Move Outs

One of our biggestOverflow issues has been the large amounts of overflow trash and bulk items that we pick up at curbside. Our monthly trash rate covers what is placed inside the City provided trash cart, recycling bin, and yard waste services. Trash in excess of one cart is an added expense.

Solid waste nuisances, including clean-out and move-out occurrences, are subject to fines in accordance to section 86-78. This includes setting out more than the allowed limit for bulk items.

Residents can place ONE bulk item or two kitchen-size (13gal) trash bags on the curb to be picked up on their regular trash day.

Please remember that building materials, automotive parts, appliances, scattered refuse, and hazardous materials are not picked up at curbside.

Carpet must be rolled, taped, or tied, and cut up into 3 ft. long sections that are no larger than 8 inches in diameter. Limit 2

If you have more than one item and can’t wait for the next week – you can make an appointment to take the items to our Bay City Recycles Drop-Off Center

Thank you for helping keep our community clean!

The Sanitation Department has been working on a number of curbside waste reduction initiatives.

Public Education

  • The website has been updated with current information on ordinance changes and clearly identifies services and fees associated with overflow and move-outs
  • Messages are being pushed out through the BayCityRecycles Facebook page to inform residents of the one trash cart rule and the availability of an additional trash cart for a fee
  • Residents are being encouraged to recycle to reduce the amount of trash they have
  • Public outreach and communication are ongoing

Enhanced Services

  • The Bay City Recycles Drop-Off Center is now open and accepts many items that are not recyclable at curbside, as well as bulky trash items
  • Dumpster Rental 
    • 4-yard dumpsters for 2-day rentals. Call for more info or fill out the online request below. 
    • Dumpster service from a private hauler (not city related and already an option)

Request a Dumpster Rental Drop off HERE.

Do you have weekly overflow trash and one trash cart is not enough? Request an additional trash cart here!