Yard Waste and Brush


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The City of Bay City has a NEW tool to help community members stay up-to-date on the NO FEE brush collection effort this April.

Yard Waste Collection

Brush Tied and Bundled
Yard waste collection is provided seasonally from April through the end of November each year, with compostable materials collected weekly on regular trash pickup days.

Yard waste includes: plant material such as leaves, grass clippings, small twigs, prunings, shrub clippings, pumpkins, branches, brush, flowers, roots and other material commonly thrown away in the course of maintaining yards and gardens from city residences.

This does NOT include garbage, food, plastic, synthetic fibers, lumber, human or animal waste.

Set Out Instructions:

  • Yard waste must be placed in Kraft yard bags or in a 32-gallon or smaller container with handles that is marked Yard Waste Only.
  • Bags and/or containers cannot weigh more than 40 pounds when filled.
  • City crews will not collect yard waste material placed into plastic bags, cardboard boxes, grocery bags or other unapproved containers.
  • Kraft paper yard waste bags may be purchased at local retail and hardware stores.
NOTE: The City of Bay City is not responsible for personal containers and lids that are lost or damaged. 

Tied & Bundled Brush

Tied and bundled brush 2

Weekly tied and bundled brush collection will be provided along with weekly yard waste collection if the following preparation guidelines are followed:

  • Brush must be tied and bundled or placed in yard waste containers and/or kraft bags.
  • Small branches will be considered brush and must be tied and bundled with natural fiber cord that is biodegradable (cotton, linen or twine). 

                Bundles tied with wire, plastic, or nylon cord will not be picked up.

Each bundle must be:

  • No more than 40 pounds in weight; No longer than 4 feet in length; No more than 18 inches around.
  • Bundles must be placed between the curb and sidewalk or at the edge of the roadway; not in the curb line or on the pavement.
  • Placement of debris in the street is a traffic and safety hazard and is a violation of City Ordinance.

All materials will be chipped. Please ensure that there are no foreign objects (i.e., metal, building materials, rocks, etc.) included as these could cause damage to the equipment or injury to those operating the equipment.

Loose Brush Collection Guidelines

Set Out Guidelines will apply to all loose brush.

Brush Pickup

  • Stack brush neatly between curb and sidewalk with the cut ends facing in one direction. 
  • Branches should be no larger than 5" in diameter.
  • Stumps will not be collected.
  • Keep brush piles away from obstacles such as fire hydrants and utility poles and maintain a safe line of sight distance for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Remove root balls and place them with yard waste collection. 
  • The collection of large amounts of brush resulting from tree removal requires the use of a tree removal service or landscape service.
  • City crews are not responsible for the removal of brush produced by contractors.



The guidelines below will only apply to the months of April and November

Brush piles shall be no larger than 4’ wide, 8’ long, and 4’ high.

City’s East Side

Set brush out by the 1st of each month. City crews will collect brush beginning from the south end city limit working north, from the 1st through the 15th of each month.

City’s West Side

Set brush out by the 15th of each month. City crews will collect brush beginning from the south end city limit working north, from the 16th through the end of each month.



Guidelines for Loose Brush Collection Appointments

Brush collection shall be scheduled by appointment. Brush must be set out no more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment day. A brush collection fee shall be charged pursuant to Section 86-78.

$30.00 minimum charge – up to 15 minutes

$25.00 per additional 15-minute intervals

Additional Brush Set Out Guidelines

*Any brush generated from the removal of a tree or a substantial portion of a tree, either by a resident or a hired tree service, will not be chipped or removed by the city.

At the same time, 

*Any brush placed out for collection that is outside the scope of the above guidelines or placed out without an appointment shall be deemed a nuisance, handled accordingly, and nuisance fees will be assessed. 

To begin the appeals process, please fill out the Solid Waste Nuisance Appeal form found in our Service Requests at BayCityRecycles.org.

*Due to rain and inclement weather, there may be a delay in pick up.

For additional information related to brush collection, please call Bay City Recycles/Sanitation Division at 989-894-8312.


For information regarding City trees and vegetation management or to report damage to city-owned trees on the right of way please follow the link below or call 989-894-8350.

Vegetation Management

Christmas Tree Recycling 

Christmas Tree
Christmas trees are more than just the celebration of life during the holidays - they're a source of life afterward. The proper disposal of real Christmas trees helps give something back to the environment.

By recycling your tree, you are saving valuable landfill space. They are biodegradable, which means they can be easily recycled for mulch or composting blending.

Each year, the City of Bay City Sanitation Department provides curbside collection for Christmas trees. Collection starts after the Christmas holiday.


  • Artificial Christmas trees can not be recycled.
  • Remove all ornaments, tinsel, lights, tree stands and other non-organic decorative materials.
  • Do not place tree inside any type of plastic bag.
  • Wreaths on wires are not acceptable. 

Check out our Curbside Tree Collection schedule here.