For the purpose of responding to calls for service, the City of Bay City has been divided into 5 geographical areas called districts. Districts are divided by the Saginaw River into east and west sides.

The east side includes districts 1 and 2. District 1 (green) is the northeast side of Bay City from Woodside Avenue to Columbus Avenue. It incorporates downtown and Center Avenue all the way to Essexville. District 2 (pink) is east of the river from Columbus Avenue to McGraw. This includes Central High School, Bay Regional Medical Center and James Clements Airport.

The west side is divided into districts 3 and 4. Euclid Avenue is the dividing road between the city limit and the county. District 4 (purple) is everything north of Midland Street and District 3 (blue) is everything south of Midland Street. Districts 3 and 4 are divided by the Midland Street Business District, where response is shared.

District 5 (red) consists of two separate areas within District 1. The southern-most quadrant is Washington Avenue east to N Sheridan Street, and Center Avenue south to Columbus Avenue. The smaller northern quadrant is Madison Avenue east to N Grant Street and First Street south to Third Street.
Police District Map