Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

As another way to protect the lives and property of our community, which is the department's primary function, the Fire Fighting Division also responds to medical emergencies.

The department is licensed by the State of Michigan to provide a non-transporting basic life support service that provides life-saving care to the injured or ill very quickly. This rapid response along with the use of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, with automatic external defibrillator, and Combi-Tubes offer the victim of a cardiac arrest (heart attack) the best possible chance for survival. The Bay City Fire Operation Division can currently provide all three of these types of treatment. Advanced life support and ambulance transportation is provided by the hospital based ambulance service. The key to this service is fast response, and in most cases a fire department unit is on the scene and treating the patient before the ambulance arrives. This quick response relates directly to lives saved. Members of the department assist the paramedics after they arrive if needed to provide the best possible care to the patient. The Bay City Fire Operations Division does not charge a fee for these services.

All four of Bay City's engine companies are also licensed by the State of Michigan to provide non-transporting basic life support service and they respond to medical emergencies in their medical districts. Each engine company is staffed with at least one fire fighter/EMT at all times, and members not licensed as EMTs are licensed as Medical First Responders. The use of the engine companies for medical emergencies allows response times to be cut which provides the public better service while maintaining cost effectiveness at the same time.

Primary EMS Response District Map