Educational Fire Safety Programs

Public Fire Safety Education

The majority of this program targets school children and senior citizens because they suffer a very high percentage of fire injuries and deaths.  Primary attention is placed on the home because most fire deaths and injuries occur here.  Programs for senior citizens are delivered at the senior citizens' high rise apartment buildings and senior meal sites. 


Juvenile Fire Setter Education Program

The fire marshal provides a juvenile fire setter education program for children that are residents of Bay City, and who have been found playing with matches or setting fires.  The fire marshal has attended seminars that have taught him how to work with children in an effort to change their attitude towards fire.  This program is free of charge.  For more information contact the fire marshal at 989-892-8601.

Smoke Detector Program

The fire marshal operates a smoke detector program that provides free smoke detectors for homes that do not have a working smoke detector.  The occupants must live in the City of Bay City and own their home. They must also have low or moderate income.  The fire marshal will also install a smoke detector for senior citizens and physically handicapped citizens.  This program also replaces the batteries for free on a yearly basis, if requested.  Renters are not provided with free smoke detectors because city ordinance requires landlords to provide them in their rental properties.  Renters who live inside the City of Bay City and need help with the enforcement of this ordinance should contact the Bay City Code Enforcement Office at 989-894-8162.  For more information on the Smoke Detector Program, contact the fire marshal at 989-892-8601.

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