About Community Policing Unit

Community Policing Unit consists of three key components: partnerships, problem solving, and organizational transformation. The Bay City Department of Public Safety's delivery of police services contains all three components. The Bay City Department of Public Safety strives to develop partnerships with a wide variety of people and organizations throughout our community. We continually search for gaps in service and seek partnerships to address these gaps. We engage in community outreach through the delivery of educational and informational programs as well as through involvement in the community.

Citizen's District Councils

Our Community Policing officers actively work with the Citizen's District Councils (CDCs) in each neighborhood.  The Community Policing officers regularly attend CDC meetings and seek input from the members.  They share information regarding crime and disorder problems. They also provide crime prevention information to the members.

SARA Problem Solving

The entire Bay City Department of Public Safety utilizes the SARA problem solving method to Scan, Analyze, Respond to, and Assess our efforts in dealing with identified problems.  Community Policing officers proactively work with community members to prioritize problems in their neighborhoods to ensure that we address the issues that are impacting their quality of life.  Abandoned houses, overgrown yards, public urination, disabled vehicles, barking dogs, loitering, and public drinking are just a few of the issues that have become the focus of combined police and community efforts.  The focus of our efforts directs a great deal of our activities to low-to-moderate income neighborhoods.


The Bay City Department of Public Safety has developed partnerships with:
  • Bay City Public Schools
  • Bridge the GAP
  • Families Against Narcotics (FAN)
  • Bay County Probate Court
  • Bay County Sobriety Court
These Community Policing partnerships pave the way for development and implementation of innovative programs that have received national recognition.
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