Commercial Service

Though small in number, our commercial customers make up a large portion of our kWh and energy usage. It's our business to ensure that we are meeting these customers' energy needs so they can do their business.

Our Energy Smart program was launched in 2009 to include a portfolio of programs for both residential and commercial customers. Our business customers can participate in prescriptive and custom energy efficiency projects and receive an incentive up to $20,000 for doing so. For more information on the commercial Energy Smart program click here .
Commercial Services
Power Issues
If you are having issues with your power, need to report an outage, or see a downed power line, please do not hesitate to contact us at 989-894-8350.

Billing, Rates, & Regulations
Find out more information on billing, rates, and regulations.
How to Read Your Utility Bill
Every month, you receive a utility bill from the City of Bay City. This bill includes a list of charges and rates that have been applied to your account, based on your business's usage of each utility for that billing cycle. This informative guide has been created in order to help more of our customers understand their utility bills.