Do not assume that because many overhead power lines are insulated, that they are safe to touch. They are usually insulated enough to avoid problems from accidental tree contact. Power lines are not safe for people to touch.

Storms cause power outages because of downed power lines. Never touch a downed power line, because they still may be energized. Stay 35 feet away from downed wires and call us to notify us of the need for repair at 989-894-8350.

Be careful when using ladders around power lines or trees near power lines. Keep a safe distance of 10 feet away. Ladders that are aluminum or contain aluminum parts become conductors of electricity when they come into contact with overhead power lines. To avoid hazards resulting from this, be aware of overhead power lines and carry ladders horizontally when moving them.

If you have concerns about safety, please call us at 989-894-8350 or email the utility.