The Engineering Division of the City of Bay City offers support to residents, businesses, contractors, utilities, other government units, and developers for their development projects. In addition to this, they have various other responsibilities:

  • Managing the City's Transportation Asset Management Plan, including the Streets, Sidewalks, Signs, and Signals Capital Improvement Plans
  • Assisting in coordinating water and sewer improvements
  • Reviewing and approving permits for Right-of-Way, Encroachment, Private Utility, and Stormwater Management
  • Managing the design and construction activities carried out by the City's contractors and consultants
  • Coordinating projects with public utilities, the Michigan Department of Transportation, and other agencies
  • Assisting the public with inquiries related to public utility locations, permits, sidewalk issues, safety concerns, and other matters
  • Overseeing the City's Stormwater Management permits and reviews, as well as Soil Erosion and Sediment Control reviews as required by EGLE

The Engineering Services staff also administers local City Streets, State, and Federal funds and grants to plan, design, and construct City Streets. They work in collaboration with City and Private Utilities to develop an effective and efficient program. The Engineering Division actively participates in regional transportation planning, asset management, and funding efforts through the Bay City Area Transportation Study (BCATS).

Regularly, the Engineering Services department evaluates the street and sidewalk system to determine maintenance and repair needs, collects infrastructure and traffic count data, conducts inventories of pavement and sidewalk conditions, creates and maintains GIS maps and databases associated with Engineering Services, and administers the city's processes for rights-of-way, stormwater management, and encroachment permits.

Streets Project Selection

We consider many things when we choose projects.  Some of them are:

  • Funding
  • Availability of Additional Funding/Grants
  • Pavement Condition
  • Transportation Safety
  • Project Cost
  • Project Planning/Scoping
  • Utility Coordination & Condition
  • Multiagency Coordination
  • Construction Mobility
  • Consequence of Failure

For more information, see Project Selection Details.

Engineering Permits & Forms

Engineering Permit Applications

Encroachment Permit
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Do you plan on placing/installing anything in the city Right of Way? Or need to close a portion of the road or sidewalk? You will need an Encroachment permit. This permit includes placing a dumpster.
Right-of-Way Construction Permit
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Do you plan on performing construction work within the city Right-of-Way? You will need a Right-of-Way Construction permit.
Private Utility Permit
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Are you a private utility company that plans on performing work within the city right-of-way? You will need a Private Utility permit.
Stormwater Management Permit
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Do you plan on changing the permeable surface on a property? You will need a Storm Water Management permit.

Engineering Forms

Computer Files, Maps, Specifications
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Stormwater Management Agreement
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Traffic Control Order Request
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Traffic Control Order Request (PDF)
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Construction Specifications

Asphalt Pavement SpecificationsCurb & Gutter Specifications
Driveway Approach SpecificationsSidewalk Specifications
Sewer SpecificationsWatermain Specifications

Printable PDF Maps

City Streets Map - LocationsCity Street Map - Classification
Truck Route Map - LocationsRight-of-Way Maps

Online Mapping Applications