Columbus Avenue Management Board

The Columbus Avenue Management Board is responsible for creating an improved environment for commerce, business, and residential development in and near Columbus Avenue while encouraging the Columbus Avenue Business District to become a stronger urban center offering a variety of retail, service, residential living, institutional, and recreational opportunities.


  • 8:00 a.m.
  • 1st Tuesday each month (excluding July and August)
  • April meeting will take place on April 11th
  • City Hall
    301 Washington Avenue
    Room 415
    Bay City, MI 48708


  • Sara Dimitroff, Staff representative
  • Robert Meyer
  • Robert Chadwick
  • William Keipert
  • John Jatczak
  • Kellie Berry
  • Dale Johnson 
  • Mike Ritt
  • Susan Glenwallis
  • Annette Jeske
  • Karl Opheim
  • Danielle Miller
  • Quenessa Miller