Midland Street Management Board


The 13-member Midland Street Management Board is responsible for encouraging the Midland Street Business District to be a strong urban center by offering a variety of retail, service, residential and recreational opportunities. The board oversees the maintenance, physical improvement repairs, security of publicly owned off-street parking lots and streetscape, and marketing of the Midland Street Business District.


  • 2:00 p.m.
  • 4th Tuesday each month (excluding November and December)
  • Mode's Tavern
    108 N Linn Street, Bay City, MI 48706


  • Sara Dimitroff, Staff representative
  • Commissioner Kerice Basmadjian, Liaison
  • Melissa Freeman
  • Tim Walli
  • Allan Kory
  • Lothar Frei
  • Jason Clements
  • Kevin Novellino
  • Matt Nemode
  • Melissa Alex
  • Lorie Starr
  • John Mosser
  • Anna Bader
  • Mark Niernberg