Protecting Your Business

Identity theft related crimes have been identified as the fastest growing crime trend in America today. In order to make a positive impact, law enforcement and businesses must coordinate our efforts to better protect ourselves and the citizens we serve.

Home Computer

The home computer has revolutionized the ability of the average criminal to involve themselves in identity related crimes. A large majority of the offenders are being identified as having illegal drug addictions and are utilizing identity theft to further their ability to afford these drugs.

Mail Theft

These criminals are stealing mail in order to discover checks (routing and account numbers), credit cards and/or applications (items of mail containing personal information that can be utilized to obtain credit). By using check and ID writing software, offenders are making counterfeit checks and ID's in order to write checks for cash or to purchase retail items.

Credit Card Applications

These suspects are also compromising the credit card industry by obtaining credit cards via the internet application process using stolen personal information. They are also obtaining stolen credit cards through mail theft, burglary from vehicles and other related crimes. Another form of credit card fraud occurs when the offender obtains the credit card numbers from discarded receipts, applications and other paperwork discarded into dumpsters by individuals and businesses.

Business Practices

While advances in technology and the advent of the internet have made it possible for businesses to become more user friendly, it also opened the door for the perpetration of fraudulent activity under cover of anonymity. With the adoption of the below listed business practices you can help to curtail fraud while still presenting a positive user friendly atmosphere for your customers and limit your exposure to civil liability through reckless handling of your customer's personal information.