Nuisance Enforcement

Code Enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of the Bay City Code of Ordinances.  Our primary responsibility is ensuring that all residential and commercial properties are in compliance with the City's exterior property maintenance, nuisance, sign and other City codes.  Our mission is to provide fair and unbiased service that ensures a safe and healthy environment for residents and members of the business community.  We work with residents, neighborhood groups, public service agencies and other City departments to accomplish this goal.  Code Enforcement staff remain vigilant to maintaining the appearance of residential and commercial areas by correcting violations of municipal code and land use requirements. Through the Nuisance Enforcement program, the City maintains a quality of life that makes Bay City an excellent place to live and work.
How does Nuisance Enforcement work?
​Code Enforcement staff respond to complaints of potential violations relating to such issues as debris, disabled vehicles, recreational vehicles, garage sales, signage, nuisance issues, land use, dumping and other zoning issues.  The City is a proactive community with staff regularly patrolling the streets for any potential enforcement issues. 
To Register a Complaint

​A resident can report a concern or complaint as follows:

​By telephone:  (989) 894-8176

​By email: [email protected]

​​Visit the Code Enforcement office at City Hall, 301 Washington Avenue, Room 207

​Tall Grass/Weed Complaints:  (989) 894-8176

Items Code Enforcement does not regulate 
(These are considered civil matters and would need to be handled through an attorney.)
  • Property line disputes
  • Tree branches hanging onto your property line