Repair or Replace your City provided Trash Cart

City of Bay City Trash Cart

You may call our office at 989-894-8312 to request a repair or replacement of your City-provided trash cart. You may also fill out our online service requests form above.

All cart requests occur on your service day. Please make sure your cart is placed out by 7:00 am and left out for our crew. 

Note: We do not replace dirty or foul-smelling carts that are still in working condition.

Additional Information 

Is one trash cart not enough? To request Additional City Trash Carts, please fill out the Additional City Trash Cart Request above. 

To report a Missing City Trash Cart, please fill out the Repair / Replace City Trash Cart form above and select "Missing Cart" from the available options (this applies to new residents moving into a property with no trash cart on the premises or if a trash cart comes up missing).

Sec. 86-65. Replacement of defective containers. 

(a) The city shall replace city assigned refuse containers and recycling bins which have become defective by normal wear and tear or as a result of damage caused by city collection efforts. The resident shall replace any refuse container or recycling bin which becomes defective by misuse or neglect at the then existing fee. Missing containers shall be replaced at the cost of the property owner. (b) The city is not responsible for damaged, missing or stolen private containers.