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2018 Construction

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Trumbull Street Reconstruction Project - Public Meeting

October 11, 2018 at 5:30

City Hall Commission Chambers

Presentation followed by Q&A Session

First Street Reconstruction

  • Washington to Madison

  • Construction Dates:  Aug 27 - Nov 2, 2018

  • Construction Low Bid:  $ 915,828.60

  • Traffic will be detoured on Woodside and 3rd Street

October 8-12, Finish storm sewer; finish paving Washington Street Intersection and open to traffic; minor watermain work; continue to build 1st Street pavement.

First Street will be reconstructed between Washington and Madison. Work includes new separated sanitary and storm sewers, asphalt pavement, sidewalks, and minor watermain work.  Currently, the combined sewer is failing and causing pavement issues.  This project will correct these conditions.  Tri-City Groundbreakers is the contractor.

Public informational meetings were held at City Hall on July 31 (click here)

Wenona Avenue Watermain

  • N. Union to Hart

  • Construction Dates:  Sept. 4 - Nov. 30, 2018

  • Construction Low Bid:  $294,311.00

    Bay City and Bangor Township are partnering to replace 1,680 feet of watermain and relocate it to the opposite side of the street in order to improve distribution, water quality, and significantly reduce watermain breaks and maintenance costs.  Rohde Brothers is the contractor.

Sidewalk Replacement Program

Sidewalk work is moving forward in the residential neighborhoods near the Bay City Public elementary and middle schools (within the City limits).  Crews are currently working in the Handy Elementary neighborhood.  Affordable Contracting is the Contractor.

Sidewalk Maps:
Handy Neighborhood Sidewalk

Priority Roads Improvement Program -

 Concrete and Pavement Repair

 The City has been awarded an additional $554,780 to make repairs to concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, and pavement where utility repairs were made.  This work is taking place in various locations around the City based on prior utility cuts and repairs.  Shaw Contracting is the Contractor.

  1. Rachel Phillips, P.E.

    Municipal Engineering Manager

Trumbull Street Reconstruction

  • Center Ave. to Woodside Ave.

  • Construction Dates: 

    • Phase 1:  Nov. 26, 2018 - April 15, 2019

    • Phase 2:  April 15 - Nov. 1, 2019

  • Construction Low Bid:  $2,689,707

  • Traffic Maintenance:  Detoured on Johnson and Madison

  • Public Informational Meeting October 11

Trumbull Street Map

Trumbull Street will be reconstructed between Center and Woodside. Work includes new storm sewer, asphalt pavement, sidewalks, and watermain, and curb and gutter.  

The street will be widened slightly to allow for three lanes - one in each direction with a center left turn lane.  The center left turn lane will reduce rear-end and side-swipe accidents, as well as allow the through traffic travel at a consistent pace, reducing air pollution.  The narrower through lanes will encourage motorists to drive at a steady, calm pace.  

The road and drainage portions of this project are being funded up to 70% through MDOT Local Agency Programs.  Watermain costs are reduced by coordinating with this project.

Phase 1 (October 2018 - March 2019) will consist of the removal of the west side sidewalk and trees necessary for utility relocations.  Public and private utilities are dense along this route.  Necessary relocations will take place over the winter.  Traffic will be detoured during portions of this phase.

Phase 2 (April - October 2019) will consist of the remaining removal items and construction work.  Traffic will be detoured during this phase.

Stay tuned for Upcoming Projects!

  • Veterans Bridge Rehabilitation:  MDOT will be upgrading and repairing the mechanical systems and deck concrete on Vets Bridge Jan. 2 - Aug. 2, 2019.  Anlaan Corporation is the contractor, with the low bid of $2,717,484.33.  Traffic will be detoured April 16th - June 14.
  • Intersection of Jenny and Henry St. Reconstruction:  MDOT will be reconstructing Henry Street, north of Thomas to north of Jenny (including the Jenny intersection).  They will also be patching the concrete on Jenny between Henry and Catherine.  Prior to the concrete work, the City will replace lead watermain and sections of storm sewer.
  • M-13 (River Road/Broadway) Rehabilitation:  MDOT will be rehabilitating the pavement with a 2-course (3-1/2 inches) between the interchange of I-75 and McGraw Street in 2019.  There will be lane closures throughout the project.
  • Clara & Dean Streets:  Rowe performed a survey and geotechnical study to determine the cause of the pavement settlement in the area.  Peat (organic soils) were found as deep as 17 feet.  Because peat is organic, it degrades over time and becomes unstable.  The consultant is preparing design plans for road reconstruction tentatively scheduled for 2020.
  • Lafayette Bridge Replacement:  MDOT will be replacing the Lafayette Bascule Bridge (bridge on the east side of the Middlegrounds) in 2020-2022.  For preliminary information, click here.  Final plans are being developed.

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