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2019 Construction Rev

Drinking Water Revolving Fund – Watermain Project

The Water Division obtained a low-interest Drinking Water Revolving Fund loan through Michigan EGLE (formerly MDEQ). The loan is for $5 million; in which $1 million does not have to be paid back. With new legislation, the City is now responsible for replacing private watermain services if they are made from lead or galvanized lead. This funding allows the City to perform a construction project that focuses on lead lines. There are three sections of the project:

  1. Replacement of Lead or Galvanized Private Water Services

  2. Replacement of Lead Watermain

  3. Hydro excavation to Determine Type of Water Services

The overall project includes approximately 1,000 water service replacements, 7 blocks of watermain replacement, and 5,000 hydro excavation locations.  Construction will continue through 2020.

Trumbull Street Reconstructiontrumbull2

- Center Ave. to Woodside Ave.

- Construction Dates:  April 1 - November 1, 2019

- Construction Low Bid:  $2,689,707

- Traffic Maintenance:  Detoured on Johnson and Madison

Crews have completed the mainline storm sewer work and are working on replacement of the watermain and services. 

Trumbull Street is being reconstructed between Center and Woodside. Work includes new storm sewer, asphalt pavement, sidewalks, and watermain, and curb and gutter.  

The road and drainage portions of this project are being funded up to 70% through MDOT Local Agency Programs.  Watermain costs are reduced by coordinating with this project.  Tri-City Groundbreakers is the Contractor, and OHM Advisors is performing the Construction Administration.

For more information, see Trumbull Information Presentation

Sidewalk Replacement Program

sidewalk repaired

On March 18, the City Commission voted to move to a Ward-Based location map.  Poor sidewalk will be replaced, beginning in the northeast quadrant of the 6th Ward.  As funding becomes available, the program will move Ward to Ward.  10% of the funds will be available for emergency repairs throughout the City.  Those requests will go through the Request Tracker on the City's Website.  Affordable Contracting is the Contractor.

Work-zone-safety-factsIn 2018, Bay City had 93 vehicle crashes, including 1 death and 67 injuries!


Jenny St. (M-25 WB) / Henry St. Intersection Safety Upgrades

MDOT will be installing High Friction Surface Treatment and concrete patching on westbound M-25 (Jenny and 7th Streets) Aug 14 - Sep 27, 2019.  Vets Bridge traffic (Water to Catherine Streets) will be detoured on Lafayette Bridge, and Henry traffic will be detoured on Midland, Euclid, and Fisher.  Truck traffic will be detoured to Wilder.
Henry Detour

M-13 (River Road/Broadway) Rehabilitation

MDOT is rehabilitating the pavement with a 2-course (3-1/2 inches) between the interchange of I-75 and McGraw Street.  Significant completion is scheduled for October 18.    There will be lane closures with flagging operations throughout the project.

Lafayette Bridge Replacement

MDOT will be replacing the Lafayette Bascule Bridge (bridge on the east side of the Middle Grounds) in 2020 - 2022.  Final plans are being developed, and the timeline may vary.

Stay tuned for Upcoming Projects!

  •  Wenona Avenue - Ionia to N. Union:  This project will reconstruct the asphalt roadway, replace storm sewer and watermain, and replace sidewalks and curb/gutter.  It will also improve geometrics at some intersections to improve safety.  The whole project is estimated to cost $8 million and will be constructed over 3 years:  2021, 2022, 2023.  The City will receive $3.4 million from Act 51 MDOT Federal Funds.

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