Charter Commission


MCL 117.20 Powers and Duties of Charter Commission provides the following:

Section 20. The charter commission shall convene on the second Tuesday after the election at the place designated pursuant to section 19. The city clerk shall preside at the first meeting, shall administer the oath of office to the members-elect, and shall act as clerk of the commission. The charter commission shall be the sole judge of the qualifications, elections, and returns of its members, shall choose its officers except clerk, shall determine the rules of its proceedings, and shall keep a journal. A roll call of the members on a question shall be entered on the journal at the request of 1/5 of the members or less if the commission shall so determine. The commission may fill a vacancy in its membership, and shall fix the time for the submission of the charter to the electors. A member shall not receive compensation for more than 90 meetings of the commission and only for actual attendance. A member of the commission shall not be paid for more than 1 meeting per day. A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum, and the sessions of the commission shall be public.

2018 Charter Commission Meeting Schedule

Thomas Baird
Alex Dewitt
Elizabeth Peters
Kristen Rivet - Chair
Carrie Sepeda
Nicholas Shaffer
Chris Shannon - Sgt. at Arms
Don Tilley
Michael Wooley - Vice Chair

Link to Current City Charter

Slides from Charter Commission Input Session - May 22, 2018