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Bay City Bridge, Traffic, and Operations Study

The Bridge, Traffic & Operations website is available for public input and general information.  As information is gathered and analyzed, updated information be posted.  

Surveys were taken online, by email and in person through September.  Over 500 surveys were collected - fantastic community input!

The Study is now in it's analysis stage.  OHM is reading and categorizing the surveys, reviewing traffic modeling, and exploring options for our City's bridges.

OHM will compile traffic data, safety analyses, anticipated impacts to businesses and residents, funding needs and concerns, and community responses from surveys, interactive maps, and discussions from the meeting. These factors will help them model and evaluate each alternative for short-term and long-term options. In November, OHM will present its recommendations to the City Commission. There will be another public meeting to follow-up with the community to present the alternatives in more detail, explain how they were analyzed, and address common concerns and community input.

Bay City Bridge, Traffic, and Operations Study Website

Bridge, Traffic & Operations Meetings

Meeting Dates
8/30/18 Public Information & Input Meeting 6:00 p.m. Commission Chambers
11/19/18 Presentation to Commission- Final Report 6:30 p.m. Commission Chambers