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Bay City Bridge, Traffic, and Operations Study

The City has contracted with OHM Associates to conduct a study to determine the feasibility and impacts for different alternatives for the City’s bridge operations at Independence and Liberty Bridges.  OHM presented an overview of the study at the June 18th Finance & Policy Meeting prior to the regular Commission Meeting.  During the study, there will be a public meeting to gather public input and answer questions. The project's website (Click Here) is available for public input, surveys, and general information. There will be updates on the study on the website, Status and Information, and to the Commission. 

The study will take into account costs of repairing and maintaining the bridges in their current configuration, as well as explore options to limit use or remove a bridge. It will also include an investigation into impacts to traffic patterns and operations, economic impacts to local businesses, social impacts, and environmental impacts. The findings and recommendations will be presented at a Commission Meeting in November. All impacts and findings will be included in the final report, as well as online input, surveys, and input from the public meeting with responses. The final report will be available for public viewing at City Hall after the study is complete.

The City has submitted an application for a grant from the East Michigan Council of Governments in the amount of $20,000 to help fund the study.  Grant awards are expected in August.

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Meeting Dates
Bridge, Traffic, & Operations - Public Meeting 08/30/18
Bridge, Traffic, & Operations - Findings Presentation 11/19/18