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Thank you for choosing to invest in Bay City!

Intended for the novice and experienced contractors and developers, this Handbook provides the procedures and project requirements for successful development in Bay City. 

From the time an application is first submitted to the time of final approval, our intent is to outline the process for successful completion. While it is not possible to predict every challenge that a project may face, it is possible to walk through the typical procedure in getting approval for most development projects in the City of Bay City.

The Handbook is divided into several chapters with one introductory chapter and one for each major development process. Within each chapter are sections to help the reader find information quickly. The introduction section explains the general process and answers commonly asked questions. Steps and a flow chart outline the review from application to final approval. The appendixes provide additional information and copies of applications to put necessary forms at the applicant’s fingertips. The electronic format of the Handbook includes links to the appropriate information and forms. Printed copies are available in the offices of the City Clerk (Room 204) and Economic Development (Room 210). 

We review projects efficiently without compromising the health, safety, and welfare of community residents or circumventing the City Code of Ordinances. 

This Handbook is staff’s interpretation of the City Code of Ordinances and if any discrepancies between this document and the City Code of Ordinances should occur, the City Code of Ordinances will take precedence. Finally, this Handbook attempts to outline processes as they are written now within the current City Code of Ordinances. As changes to the City Code of Ordinances occur, changes in kind will be made to the Handbook. 

Questions regarding this Handbook, please contact our Economic Development staff.  

We also welcome comments and suggestions on how to improve the development review process and encourage you to contact our Economic Development staff.

989.894.8159 or 989.894.8227.