Commercial Recycling Information


The City of Bay City is committed to diverting recyclable materials from landfill disposal so these resources can be kept in use and manufactured into new products. In order to continue to provide premium single stream recycling service to business establishments, The City of Bay City recently adopted a new recycling ordinance (Municipal Code Chapter 86-71 Section j) which establishes a monthly commercial recycling fee. A commercial/industrial account is defined as any type of financial account, which a business or corporation uses.

Effective June 1, 2020 new and already participating commercial and industrial properties will be charged for recycling services, as provided in Section 86-78. The commercial recycling service fee is $10.00 per month, billed for a minimum of 12 months, and includes one 96-gallon wheeled recycling cart. The service fee for each additional 96-gallon wheeled recycling cart is $10.00 per month. 

If you wish to start or continue with City provided commercial recycling collection, please fill out the Commercial Recycling Service Form at under Service Requests or contact the Sanitation Department. A 96-gallon wheeled recycling cart will be delivered to your place of business upon sign up. If you are already using a blue City cart labeled with Recyclables Only stickers and want to continue to receive recycling service, please complete the form. Your existing account will be adjusted to reflect the new recycling fee. Please be advised that effective June 1, 2020 we will no longer collect commercial recycling from City issued 18-gallon recycling bins or any other generic recycling container. This applies to commercial properties only. 

The following commercial recycling rules will also go into effect:

  • City provided 96-gallon wheeled recycling carts are required to be used.
  • All recycling must be contained in the City provided 96-gallon wheeled recycling cart(s).
  • Any material outside of the cart(s) shall be deemed a nuisance, handled and invoiced accordingly.
  • Commercial recycling collection will be provided one time per week on your designated collection day.
  • No trash or unacceptable materials allowed in commercial recycling carts.

Download the Recycling Guidelines flyer of acceptable recyclable materials here.

For more information call the Sanitation Department at 989-894-8312. We look forward to serving you!