Feet on the Street

2023 information coming soon!

Feet on the Street allows customers to dine and drink outdoors in social districts, enjoy entertainment, and shop. Portions of Downtown Bay City and the Midland Street Business District are expected to be part of this year’s efforts.

The atmosphere of each location is unique; however they all offer the same option - to support local businesses. Of course, these businesses also continue to offer indoor dining and shopping in compliance with current Michigan Department of Health and Human Services guidelines.

Feet on the Street requires our Department of Public Works team to shut down select streets – creating extra space for businesses and ‘common areas’ for multiple businesses to use. The various locations have chosen to open at different times, with all expected to be open no later than Memorial Day.

Please note there are businesses along the closed streets which do not offer outdoor patronage options, as it’s not part of their business plan. Please check with individual businesses to find out the best location to park in order to access their business. Here’s a look at parking options in Downtown Bay City: https://www.downtownbaycity.com/downtown-map/

Dependent on the area, these closures may remain in effect through the end of November.

Here’s the list of impacted areas:


  • Yet to be determined.


  • Yet to be determined.


  • Yet to be determined.

Feet on the Street - How To Guide (2)Before enjoying Feet on the Street, please take note of some important reminders. Businesses taking part in this effort have applied for and received proper licensing through the City of Bay City and the State of Michigan’s Liquor Control Commission. With that being said, those businesses have to adhere to guidelines regulating where alcohol can be served and consumed. Each business is allowed to serve alcohol in their approved area. Meantime, additional licensing is required to allow patrons to move around ‘common areas’ shared by several businesses. Please ask if you have questions and be supportive of businesses adhering to these rules. For example, an alcoholic drink purchased at one business can be consumed at the business or common area – but the drink cannot then be taken into a second business. Only alcoholic drinks purchased at a participating business can be consumed in common areas.

Feet on the Street- How To Guide (1) participating businesses







Please note: All State of Michigan and City of Bay City laws apply, including but not limited to those prohibiting public intoxication, impaired driving, open containers and serving alcohol to minors. In addition, public access to the sidewalk area must be maintained as well as meeting ADA needs for patrons access to both the decks and street areas.