Bay City We're On A Roll

Recycling is on a roll!

The City of Bay City’s curbside recycling program is getting better! In January 2023, the green recycling bin is being retired to make way for an easy-to-use roll-out cart.

Recycling with a cart is easier than ever!

  • The 96-gallon roll cart will hold more materials than the green bin, eliminating the need for multiple bins and multiple trips to the curb.
  • Designed with easy-roll wheels and a hinged lid, the cart makes curbside recycling effortless.

Recycling with a cart is more efficient!

With 5 times more space to collect recyclables than the green bin, recycling collection will change from weekly to bi-weekly service. This change will reduce collection costs while also reducing emissions, as well as wear and tear on city streets.

Recycling with a cart and with no added fees!

There are no additional costs to have a new recycling cart or to use the curbside service.

Watch for more detailed recycling information to arrive in your mailbox soon.

Bookmark this special webpage to stay up to date on Recycling Cart Roll-Out details

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