Recycling is on a roll!

The City of Bay City’s curbside recycling program is getting better! In January 2023, the green recycling bin is being retired to make way for an easy-to-use roll-out cart.

Recycling with a cart is easier than ever!

  • The 96-gallon roll cart will hold more materials than the green bin, eliminating the need for multiple bins and multiple trips to the curb.
  • Designed with easy-roll wheels and a hinged lid, the cart makes curbside recycling effortless.

Recycling with a cart is more efficient!

With 5 times more space to collect recyclables than the green bin, recycling collection will change from weekly to bi-weekly service. This change will reduce collection costs while also reducing emissions, as well as wear and tear on city streets.

Recycling with a cart and with no added fees!

There are no additional costs to have a new recycling cart or to use the curbside service.

Recycle More, Recycle Right.

The types of materials accepted for recycling hasn’t changed. You can recycle paper, cardboard, metal and aluminum cans and foil, all colors of glass bottles and jars, and plastic food and home product packaging. Not sure if something can be recycled? Find out by using the ReDirectory On-line Search Tool at It’s as easy as typing in the item in question. You will be given information of how best to recycle, reuse, or trash it.

A study of Bay City’s recyclables was conducted last September which showed that residents are doing a great job recycling the correct materials. Way to go Bay City! One area of improvement that became evident as a result of the study was the need for residents to remove plastic and foam packaging from cardboard boxes. Leaving this packaging inside of the box makes it unrecyclable at curbside. Remember to remove all contents from boxes and flatten them before putting them into the recycling cart. The foam packaging can be dropped off for recycling at the Bay City Recycles Drop-Off Center, by appointment. Appointments can be scheduled at

Maintain Proper Distance Between Carts at the Curb

Trucks with automated “arms” are used to pickup and empty both trash and recycling carts. For this reason, it is important to space your carts are least 3 feet apart. Make sure the arrow on the top of the lid is pointing at the street and the cart handle is toward your house. All carts should be placed near the curb and not in the street.

Click the picture below for the full Sanitation guidelines!

Recycling Cart

Your Recycling Week is on a Color-Coded Schedule, Either Yellow Week or Red Week.

Recycling collection will remain on the same day of the week as your trash collection but will be provided on an every-other-week schedule. Enter your address below to find your collection week and day. 

Recycling Collection Calendar

BC 2023 Recycling Collection Calendar and Map

Watch for more detailed recycling information to arrive in your mailbox soon.

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