Budget Bill Planning

While personal income does not vary much from season to season for most of our customers, utility costs do. There can be significant differences in electric, water and sewer bills depending on the time of year, such as the cost of heating your home in the winter or keeping it cool in the summer with air conditioning. This can put a strain on your budget. To make your household budgeting easier, consider signing up for our budget billing program. There is no charge for this program. The plan works as follows:

  • The Budget Plan year begins in August and ends the following June. If you join at the start of the Plan year, your estimated yearly bill will be divided into 11 equal monthly payments.
  • You pay a set amount each month. This budget amount is based on the previous 12 months usage at your location.
  • To begin the program, customers cannot have a past due balance.
  • Your meter is read or estimated each month and your utility bill will show the actual account balance, as well as the budget amount due. You must review your monthly bill to determine if your budget amount should be increased.
  • The budget amount must be paid on or before the due date to avoid removal from the program.
  • There are no extensions or payment arrangements granted to customers on this program.
  • Your account will be balanced at the end of the Plan year in June. If you have a credit balance, it will be applied to your next monthly bill. If you owe money, you will be billed for it on your July bill. Then, you can start the new Plan year in August with a zero balance.

You can request to be removed from the Budget Billing Plan at any time. Your actual account balance then becomes due in full once the account is removed from the plan.

Call (989) 894-8104 Option 7 to activate the Budget Billing Plan.