Safety in Motion: Bay City Transportation Safety

Document Link: Safety in Motion: Bay City Area 2023 Transportation Action Plan

The City of Bay City is making strides to improve its transportation infrastructure, as it is an integral part of everyday life for those living, working, and playing within the community. A reliable transportation infrastructure system provides access to safe, affordable, accessible, and sustainable transportation by connecting customers to businesses, workers to jobs, students to schools, and the sick to hospitals. Long-term planning is required to ensure the reliability and longevity of the city’s transportation infrastructure.

Leaders within Bay City have a vision to build the city into a safer, more maintainable, and accessible transportation system for all. By bringing together diverse perspectives from across the city and multiple industries, this plan looks at current city-owned infrastructure, planned projects, safety analysis and goals, strategies, and implementation processes to increase mobility within the city. This Safety in Motion plan is built upon community and critical values collected via public outreach and engagement along with ideas from local leaders. This plan incorporates community feedback, local data, and research on effective principles of multimodal transportation safety in the city.

Along with input from the community, the city is looking toward a future with a transportation system with fewer crashes. It is understandable that people sometimes make mistakes, so road infrastructure designs and transportation policies should be developed to minimize those mistakes and limit the number of serious injuries or fatalities. This means that infrastructure designers and policymakers are expected to update plans, policies, data analysis, and road designs to lessen the severity of crashes. This Safety in Motion plan combines city staff efforts and the ideas of the community and local organizations to bring together a collective view of what Bay City is doing well, what needs to be improved, and recommendations for future development. It also explores funding opportunities and the potential for building out and repairing infrastructure in a maintainable way. It provides a framework of short-term and long-term planning processes, performance measures, and reporting procedures to provide updates and transparency to the community.

Please provide input on any transportation safety issues that you see!