Emergency Rehabilitation Program

The intent of the Emergency Rehabilitation Program is to provide emergency repairs to low income owner occupied homes within the City of Bay City. The program is intended to make emergency repairs that are necessary to control or arrest the effects of imminent threats or physical deterioration. This program is in no way intended as a total rehabilitation to a home. Repairs include roof replacement, hot water tanks, furnace, sewer and plumbing. There is a limit of one Emergency Repair per household.

The responsibility for maintaining the safe condition of the home rests solidly upon the property owner. As a member of the community, there is an obligation to keep our property in good repair. However, there are times when doing so is beyond the means of many of us. If your property does not meet the requirements of the City's housing or building codes, and the remedy for these defects is beyond your present capabilities, do not hesitate to call for additional information. 
All repairs are secured through a mortgage. A deferred payment loan is offered to homeowners. Deferred loans have zero payments, zero interest, and become payable upon sale of the property, rental of the property, or death of the homeowner. If the Mortgagor continues as the occupant of the property for a period in excess of 10 years and does not violate the terms of this paragraph, the Mortgagee will discharge this Mortgage without payment.
To be eligible for a Rehabilitation loan, an individual or family must own and occupy a one-unit residential dwelling within the City of Bay City. Household income limits must apply and applicant must be a good credit risk.

Availability is on a first come, first serve basis and upon approval of the application. 

For further information, please call the City of Bay City's Community Development at: (989)894-8156 or email [email protected].


Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Income Not to Exceed $42,750 $48,850 $54,950 $61,050 $65,750 $70,850 $75,750 $80,600