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Posted on: December 5, 2022

Bay City Rolls out New Recycling Cart Program

BAY CITY, MICH. – The City will begin rolling out new recycling carts for residents next week as it officially launches its fully-automated recycling collection service.

The 96-gallon carts will begin arriving at residents’ homes December 12 through December 23.   The carts will replace the smaller bins currently used for residential recycling and come with wheels for easy maneuvering and attached lids to keep recyclables dry and secure.  

The City applied for and received a grant from The Recycling Partnership, a nonprofit organization that works with city governments nationwide to transform their recycling programs.  The City of Bay City was selected to receive grant support because of its dedication to advancing recycling in the community.  The grant from The Recycling Partnership, with support from the American Beverage’s Every Bottle Back initiative, will provide 15,000 new carts and includes funding for education and outreach about the new collection process.

The City asks that residents continue to do their part by placing only recyclable materials in the recycling carts, including glass bottles and jars, aluminum and steel cans, food and beverage cartons, paper products (including newspapers and flattened cardboard), and empty plastic bottles and containers.  To help limit contamination, give food and drink containers a quick rinse and then place them directly into the recycling cart.

Some items that cannot be recycled include plastic bags, paper towels, electrical equipment, batteries, and clothing.  These items often get mixed into recycling carts because of “wishcycling,” or the hope that they can be recycled.  While well-intentioned, non-recyclable items cause serious issues. Plastic bags, electrical equipment, and alkaline batteries are accepted for recycling at the Bay City Recycles Drop-Off Center. 

Effective January 2, 2023, recycling collection service will occur every other week rather than weekly, on the same day as your trash. The 96-gallon carts offer 5 times the capacity of the recycling bins and will be sufficient for most households. Recycling collection weeks are designated as Red Week or Yellow Week. 

Residents can find their collection week color and recycling day schedule, plus answers to Frequently Asked Questions by visiting

For residents who may travel south for the winter or otherwise are concerned about the mid-December delivery of the recycling carts, please utilize this form or call 989-894-8312.

About The Recycling Partnership 

At The Recycling Partnership, we are solving for circularity. We mobilize people, data, and solutions across the value chain to unlock the environmental and economic benefits of recycling and a circular economy. We work on the ground with thousands of communities to transform underperforming recycling programs and tackle circular economy challenges. We work with companies to make their packaging more circular and help them meet their climate and sustainability goals. And we work with government to develop the policy solutions that will address the systemic needs of our residential recycling system. Since 2014, the nonprofit change agent diverted 500 million pounds of new recyclables from landfills, saved 968 million gallons of water, avoided more than 500,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases, and drove significant reductions in targeted contamination rates. Learn more at


View the press release here.

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