How long does it take for City Commission approval?

It will typically take up to 3 months.  A lot will depend on how complete your application is and if we need to contact you regarding application deficiencies that need to be resolved.  The sooner any found issues are remedied, the sooner your application will be able to be reviewed by all relevant city departments and forwarded for City Commission approval.  

Meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month except for holidays.  Applications must be submitted before the submission deadline for each meeting agenda.  It is possible your application could be delayed two or three weeks waiting for the next scheduled meeting if it is not ready to submit until after a submission deadline has passed.  

Please note: City Commission approval does NOT mean you are approved to commence operations.  You will receive a provisional certificate which signifies your application has been accepted for the chosen location.  You must fully complete all steps of the application process in order for your city operating license to be issued.

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