What is the difference between a provisional certificate and city operating license?

Once your application has been approved by the City Commission, a provisional certificate will be issued.  This certificate IS NOT a city operating license.  It only signifies that your application has been accepted and enables you to open a facility at your chosen location.  You must first complete the entire application process before a city operating license will be issued.  A city operating license will need to be renewed annually and Its expiration date will sync with the state license expiration date.  

A provisional certificate will expire after one year from the date of issue.  It cannot be extended or renewed.  However, according to the ordinance, applicants that can demonstrate they are diligently working towards obtaining an operating license, such as having pulled permits and actively working on renovations, will be allowed to continue even if the certificate has expired.  The city will not rescind an expired certificate if the applicant has open building permits that are current. 

Inactivity with an expired provisional certificate may be cause for the city to rescind it.  Expired certificates are ineligible for new ownership transfer.  Once a certificate has been rescinded, an applicant will need to start over with a new application and fee if the applicant wishes to continue. 

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