What does the marihuana license application process involve?

The entire application process can take up to a year or more before you actually receive your city operating license.  It mostly depends on how fast you receive city commission approval and complete your construction and/or renovations, and if you will need to go before the Planning Commission for site plan review or special-use approval; or the Zoning Board of Appeals if you will need to request any variances.

Application Overview

  1. Submit your completed paper application with supporting materials, digital file of your entire application, and application fee to the City Clerk.
  2. The Planning & Zoning Dept. will vet and process your application.
  3. Fingerprints and background checks will need to be done through Public Safety.  There is an information sheet included within the application.
  4. Application deficiencies or issues, if any, will need to be resolved.
  5. Your application will then be distributed to relevant city departments for review.
  6. After reviews have been returned by all departments, the application and reviews are submitted for inclusion on the city commission agenda.  You will be notified when your application is on the agenda and the meeting date it is scheduled for.
  7. If approval is received, a provisional certificate will be issued and copies of the department reviews will be forwarded to the applicant.  All conditions or issues noted on the reviews must be resolved before the final inspection stage.
  8. For medical marihuana licenses, you may ask for your attestation to submit with your state application any time after you receive City Commission approval.
  9. Submit a plan review and permit application to the Building Dept. with sealed construction drawings when you are ready to commence with renovations and/or construction.  (This can actually be done before being approved by the City Commission if you are willing to take the risk of not being approved.)
  10. When you are ready to submit your Step 2 Application to the state - send a letter by certified mail notifying us that you are submitting it (if the state still requires it) . 
  11. Notify us when your renovations are complete and you are ready for your final inspections.  Your C of O that the state requires from the Building Dept. does NOT mean you have been approved by the city -  it only means that you passed your final building inspection for your renovations.
  12. Once all department inspection approvals have been received, the City Clerk's office will issue your city operating license once they verify you have provided the correct insurance requirements with your application and have received a copy of your state license.  

It is the applicant's responsibility to provide a copy of their state license.  Operating without a city operating license is illegal and could lead to repercussions, penalties and fines.

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