What does the renewal application process involve?

Please submit your renewal application at least 60 days before your expiration date and allow 30 days for processing.

Please note:  the attestation required by your state renewal application will not be provided without the renewal application process as outlined below.

Renewal Application Overview:  

  1. Submit your completed paper application with supporting materials, digital file of your entire application, and renewal fee to the City Clerk.
  2. The Planning & Zoning Dept. will vet and process your application.
  3. Fingerprints and background checks may need to be done through Public Safety for any new members and their spouses having an interest of 10% or greater.  
  4. Application deficiencies or issues, if any, will need to be resolved.
  5. Your application will then be distributed to relevant city departments for annual inspection.  On-site inspections may be required.  You will be contacted if so.
  6. After final inspection approvals have been returned by all departments, the City Clerk's office will send/email the attestation required to submit with your state renewal application for medical marihuana licenses.
  7. Once proof of your state renewal license has been provided, the City Clerk's office will validate that you have met your insurance requirements and then issue your city renewal license.

It is the applicant's responsibility to provide a copy of their state renewal license as soon as possible to avoid any repercussion, fees or penalties of illegally operating without a valid city operating license.

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