Does a C of O mean I have been approved by the city to start operating?

Your C of O that the state requires from the Building Dept. does NOT mean you have been approved by the city -  it only means that you passed your final building inspection for your renovations.  You will still need to have final inspections performed by all departments. 

It is your responsibility to notify us when renovations are completed and you are ready for them.  You are not allowed to stock any inventory on the premises until final inspections have been completed and approved.  Some departments may conduct on-site inspections and others may just check to make sure any issues noted on their initial reviews have been resolved or complied with before giving their approval.  When all approvals have been received and the City Clerk verifies you have met the insurance requirements, your city operating license will be issued once you have provided a copy of your state license. 

It is illegal to operate without a city operating license and you could face penalties and fines.

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