Can I qualify for more than one incentive?
Yes, however each program has limits regarding how many individual incentives or total incentive dollars may be distributed per year. Please see the terms and conditions attached to the applications of each program or call 989-894-8350.

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1. Who is eligible for the program?
2. I own a business; can I participate in the programs that are offered to residents?
3. Do I qualify for incentives if my facility is served by the utility for electricity and I am served by another utility for natural gas?
4. Can I participate in programs for the business I own and my home or do I have to choose one?
5. Can I qualify for more than one incentive?
6. What is the availability of incentives?
7. Who pays for the incentives?
8. May I get an incentive to change from an electric technology to a natural gas technology or vice versa?
9. May I receive an incentive for installing on-site generation or a renewable energy system?
10. Can I receive an incentive for new construction as well an existing building?