What is the availability of incentives?
Available funds are capped each year, so incentives will be offered until individual efficiency programs have reached their capacity. Once funds have been exhausted, the utility will create a waiting list to manage incentive requests and monitor funding availability as the filed projects are completed. Notification will be posted on the website as to when the annual program caps have been met. Those who have submitted incentive forms after the funding cycle has fully subscribed with ongoing projects may either receive an incentive the same year if funds become available, or delay their project and reapply for the following year's funding. However, since program rules and incentive levels may change from year to year, there is no guarantee that the project will be eligible under the following year guidelines. The utility will set limits in an effort to provide an equitable incentive to a wide cross-section of our customer base.

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6. What is the availability of incentives?
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