What are eligible activities?
- Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA): Establishes existing contamination
- Due Care Activities: Prevent exacerbation, prevent unacceptable human exposure and mitigate hazards, precautions against reasonably foreseeable acts or omissions of a third party, and provide notifications to DEQ.
- Additional Response Activities: Response activities identified as part of a brownfield plan that are in addition to Baseline Environmental Assessment activities and Due Care activities for an eligible property
- Demolition
- Lead and Asbestos Abatement
- Site Preparation
- Infrastructure Improvements
- Administrative and Operating Authority Expenses
- Local Site Remediation Revolving Fund

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1. What are brownfields?
2. Why is the redevelopment of brownfields important?
3. What is the purpose of the brownfield plan?
4. What sites are eligible for a brownfield?
5. What are eligible activities?
6. What are some of the financial incentives to support brownfield redevelopment? How does tax increment financing (TIF) work?