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Veterans Memorial Park

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$150.00 per day


North Veterans Memorial Park Master Plan and Details (PDF)


  1. Baseball / Softball
  2. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  3. Benches
  4. Boat Dock
  5. Boat Launch
  6. Chemical Restrooms
  7. Drinking Fountain
  8. Gaga pit
  9. Green Space
  10. Grill
  11. Kitchen, Indoor Restrooms & Indoor Seating ($200.00 Add-on)
  12. Open Spaces
  13. Parking
  14. Pavilion
  15. Picnic Areas
  16. Picnic Shelters
  17. Picnic Tables
  18. Playground
  19. Tennis Court
  20. Walking Track
  21. Water
Veterans Memorial Park is the central park of Bay County, containing approximately 97 acres. It is roughly 1.2 miles long and 0.2 miles wide. This area includes land that encompasses Liberty Harbor Marina, the Veterans Memorial Park ball fields, Kantzler Arboretum, Santa House, Trombley House, and Fitness Park. It includes the Riverwalk and the Riverwalk/Railtrail loop. There is also a hard surfaced boat launch with sufficient water depth and lake size to accommodate most trailerable boats. Major community events such as the 4th of July Fireworks celebration and the River of Time takes place in the park. 

Reservation Process:

*Reservations will only be accepted for current year.

Once we have looked over your Reservation Request and Accepted it, you will receive an email stating so. Then you need to complete the following process listed below.

In order to reserve, you’ll need to come into Bay City Hall, Room 413 to fill out a rental form & pay the rental fee in full, we accept Cash or Check. 

You Have 2 Business Days to make full Rental Payment, if we do not receive payment within that this time period we have to unapproved your rental request.

Damage Deposit is included in Rental fee, as long as you and/or guests do not damage anything or leave any litter/decoration or other messes you will receive a refund for the amount of the damage deposit. You can call the next business day following your event to schedule when to stop in & pick up your refund or we can mail it to you.
Mailing the refund may take up to 2-4 Weeks.  

Cancellations must be made at least 30 Days before event

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 AM- 3:30 PM  

Please No Staples or Nails on Beams or Tables

For Hanging Decorations/Banners: Instead of stapling or nailing beams, Please utilize Hooks in Pavilions for hanging Banners, Balloon’s, Etc.

For Table clothes: Instead of stapling, please bring & use your own Table cloth clips, Table cloth weights or Table bungies.


  1. Kantzler Memorial Arboretum

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  2. Liberty Harbor Marina

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