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  1. Permanent Absentee Voter Form

    Submit this form to be added to the City of Bay City Permanent Absentee Voter List. Once added, you will receive your Application for... More…


  1. Computer Files, Maps and Specification Requests

    Computer Files, Maps and Specification Requests

  2. Private Utility Permit

    Private Utility Permit Application

  3. Stormwater Management Permit

    Stormwater Management Permit

  1. Encroachment Permit

    Temporary or Permanent Encroachments

  2. Right-of-Way Construction Permit

    Construction within public ROW

  3. Traffic Control Order Request

    Traffic Control Order Request


  1. Additional City Trash Cart Request

    Request additional city trash cart(s).

  2. Claim for Missing City Trash Cart(s)

    This form is to report that the City-owned trash cart assigned to the property has been stolen or is missing.

  3. Invoice and Notice of Solid Waste Nuisance Appeal

    This is a form to start the appeals process for any Solid Waste Invoice and Notice of Solid Waste Nuisance.

  1. Brush Appointment Request Form

    To request a loose brush appointment from May 16th-October 31st.

  2. Commercial Recycling Service Form

    This form is to be utilized by a commercial business seeking commercial recycling from the City of Bay City.

  3. Repair/Replace City Trash Cart

    Request a repair or replacement of your City provided trash cart. *Dirty carts are to be cleaned by residents. Dirty carts are not... More…