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Traffic Control Order Request

  1. City of Bay City - Traffic Control Order Request

    Application Fee: $50

  2. Notes:

    Sign Blight - Signs are one of the most effective ways to regulate traffic and warn motorists.  However, when there are too many signs, motorists instead tend to pass over reading all of the signs in order to focus more on the street.  The same happens in areas with many trees, lampposts, or other items that might obstruct the signs.  The City's goal is to maintain a balance of having enough signs to effectively and safely move traffic, and few enough signs to keep motorists engaged in safe driving.

    Alley Signs - The City of Bay City does not install signs for private Alleys.

    Children at Play, Blind Person - The City of Bay City does not install "Children at Play", "Blind Person" or similar signs on city streets.  This type of sign may give children or others a false impression that it is safe to be in the street.  It is never safe for children to play in the street or near the edge of the street.

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