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Brush Appointment Request Form

  1. City of Bay City

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  3. Loose Brush Appointment Request

  4. To request a loose brush pick up from May 16th through October 31st, please provide the following information as applicable. When your request has been received, it will be added to the list of brush appointments for pick up. Between May 16th and October 31st a fee shall be charged for brush collection. Brush collection shall be scheduled by appointment. A brush collection fee shall be charged pursuant to Section 86-78. $30.00 minimum charge – up to 15 minutes, $25.00 per additional 15-minute intervals.

  5. Guidelines for Loose Brush Collection Appointments

    1. Stack brush neatly between curb and sidewalk with the cut ends facing in one direction. 2. Branches should be no larger than 5" in diameter. 3. Stumps will not be collected. 4. Keep brush piles away from obstacles such as fire hydrants and utility poles and maintain a safe line of sight distance for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. 5. Remove root balls and place them with yard waste collection. 6. City crews are not responsible for the removal of brush produced by contractors. 7. Any brush generated from the removal of a tree or a substantial portion of a tree, either by a resident or a hired tree service, will not be chipped or removed by the city. 8. Any brush placed out for collection that is outside the scope of the guidelines shall be deemed a nuisance and handled accordingly.

  6. Brush must be set out no more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment day. An invoice will be mailed out after the service has been completed.

  7. Terms & Conditions

    By selecting yes, you are agreeing to the above terms and that you are in charge of the utility account or designated and authorized to transact business on behalf of this account. Unpaid invoices will be added to the tax bill and liened against the property.

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