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Forms Bad foundation
Forms Boards / Committees
Forms Branches Close to Electric Lines
Forms Bridge Obstruction
Forms Burning Complaint
Forms Can Repairs/Additional Can
Forms Cave in
Forms Cave in from water service issue
Forms Cemetery Fees
Forms Cemetery Landscape & Vegetation
Forms City Roadway Construction Projects
Forms Collapsing garage/shed
Forms Commercial Vehicle, Semi-Tractor, Semi-Trailer
Forms Compliment an officer
Forms Construction Signs / Barricades
Forms Contact a Community Policing Officer
Forms Contact a Patrol Supervisor
Forms Contact a School Liaison Officer
Forms Curb and Gutter Issues
Forms Damaged / Missing Street Sign
Forms Damaged exterior walls
Forms Damaged roof
Forms Damaged/dangerous porch and/or steps
Forms Electric Service Cover Ups
Forms Excessive Number of Dogs - Residential Property
Forms Fire Arson Tips
Forms Fire Code Violations
Forms Fire Prevention and Fire Safety
Forms FOIA-Public Records Request
Forms Genealogy
Forms General questions
Forms General sewer locations and questions
Forms Grave Decorations
Forms Headstones
Forms Hydrant Problem
Forms Infestation
Forms Infinity Skate Park
Forms Inoperable Motor Vehicles
Forms Licensing
Forms Locating Graves
Forms Low Water Pressure
Forms Marina Facilites Including Docks, Walks & Parking
Forms Misc
Forms Missing Man Hole or Catch Basin Cover
Forms Motor Vehicle Repair - Residential Property
Forms Occupied Recreational Vehicle
Forms Other - Electric
Forms Other fire related issues
Forms Park Trees and Vegetation
Forms Perpetual Yard/Garage Sales
Forms Pets & Wildlife
Forms Playgrounds
Forms Plugged catch basin
Forms Possible Meter Tampering
Forms Pothole/ Pavement Repair
Forms Recreational Vehicle Storage
Forms Recycling
Forms Recycling Bins
Forms Report a blight concern
Forms Report a neighbor complaint
Forms Report a traffic issue
Forms Report an abandoned vehicle
Forms Report dead animals in the roadway
Forms Report graffiti
Forms Report suspected drug activity
Forms Request a Station Tour
Forms Request for Reserve Officers for an event
Forms Request information on becoming a Reserve Officer
Forms Roadway Obstruction
Forms Sanitary - Trash, Restrooms
Forms Scrap Metal Salvage - Residential Property
Forms Screens
Forms Security Light Request
Forms Sewage spill on property or road
Forms Sewer odors
Forms Shelters & Buildings
Forms Sidewalk Issues
Forms Smoke Detectors
Forms Snow/Ice Issues
Forms Sofas, recliners, bedding & clothing
Forms Storage of Waste Material/Refuse
Forms Street flooding
Forms Street Light Problem
Forms Street Sweeping
Forms Submit an anonymous tip
Forms Tall grass
Forms Tennis Courts
Forms Traffic Signs / Signals
Forms Tree / Branch Down
Forms Tree Blocking Stop Sign
Forms Tree Removal
Forms Tree Trimming
Forms Unregistered rental
Forms Vacant house
Forms Vehicles parked on lawns - residential
Forms Veterans Park Softball & Volleyball Facilities
Forms Walks, Bridges, Trails & Parking
Forms Water Leak (Street)
Forms Water meter leaking or damaged
Forms Water Quality Concern
Forms Windows/doors
Forms Working without permit
Forms Yard Waste stickers
Forms Yard Waste/ Loose Leaves