Adrianna Mysliwski

Professional Standards and Community Policing Unit
Title: Public Safety Officer
Phone: 989-892-5900

School Resource Officer Adrianna Mysliwski has been with the Bay City Department of Public Safety (BCDPS) since 2016.  She attended Bay City Central High School and earned a bachelor’s degree from Ferris State University in 2016.  She is currently enrolled in the master’s program at Ferris State University.  SRO Mysliwski attended the Bay County Fire Academy in 2017 and obtained her Firefighter I and II certifications from the State of Michigan.  


0In 2020, PSO Mysliwski was assigned to the Community Policing Unit as a School Resource Officer.  She is also a Field Training officer and a Defensive Tactics Instructor.   


“I wanted to become a school resource officer to build a rapport with the students at my Alma mater. These students will one day be the citizens of our city and I want to be able to have a rapport with them if I must deal with them later in life. I also like the ability to reach some of the students and mentor them to hopefully stay on the right path rather than falling to the pressures of friends and family. Finally, I wanted to become a School Resource Officer to help spread knowledge to students of all ages about what a police officer does, how to stay safe, but also where to go for help.” – Adrianna Mysliwski, School Resource Officer 


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