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  1. Gazebo
  2. Walking Track

The Riverwalk is a scenic path that provides public access to the Saginaw River. The path is paved to encourage use by cyclists and roller-bladers. The pathway travels through Veterans Memorial Park, Kantzler Arboretum, Fitness Park and along the riverfront. A pier with a large gazebo extends into the Saginaw River. The Riverwalk was connected to Bigelow Park when a pedestrian bridge was built in 1993. Access and continued improvements to the system on the east side of the river will provide public use of the riverfront and will expand the Riverwalk to both sides of the river.

Trails & Interactive Map

Click Here for a list of Michigan trails, information on trail parking, amenities, points of interest and to explore the interactive map. 

Tree Donations

For more information on Tree Donations, click Here

Gardening Opportunities                                                                                            

The City of Bay City, works in partnership with Bay City in Bloom, to make adopting a pocket garden possible. 

Pocket Gardens are adopted with a minimum of a one-year commitment.

To apply to become a gardening volunteer, click Here

Gardening opportunities exist throughout Arboretum and other City Parks. City staff or a BCIB volunteer will reach out once the application is submitted.  

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